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Rainier arms now has 18.5 Elit uppers in stock

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I was just checking out sights for parts kits and found this One more maker with the good specks selling 6.8 !!!!!!!!!!!
http://www.rainierarms.com/?page=shop/d ... ct_id=1358

Rainier Arms Elite Series Uppers are designed for high end shooters looking for serious knock down power. Rainier Arms custom shop uses only the highest quality of components for lasting reliability & superior accuracy. Guaranteed to shoot SUB-MOA with match grade ammo. All our custom uppers come complete with a 12 month warranty on all parts & workmanship.

Component List

* Forged Milspec M4 Upper
* 18.5″ White Oak Armament Stainless Steel 1:11 Twist, Match Grade 6.8SPC Barrel
* Daniel Defense 14.0 LITE Free Float Rail System
* Young National Match Bolt Carrier
* Forged Milspec Charging Handle w/PRI Big Latch
* Primary Weapon Systems FSC30 Flash Compensating Brake
* Daniel Defense Low Profile Gas Block
* Professionally Built, Test Fired, 1 Year Warran
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Yep.. looks like a nice upper. I think ADDAX's 6.8 GPU comes in under that don't they, with the piston installed?

Rainier Arms carries nice gear, and has kept their lowers priced decently during this mad rush.
I just read a couple articles about the AMU and the DMR rifles. Those uppers maximize the 5.56's performance, so just think if they deployed a 6.8 version of the same. One of the articles mentioned the MK 262 ammo works well on terrorists but the barrier penetration falls short. It seems the 6.8 would improve on the concept.
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