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Questions on 2nd build:

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Barrel nut torque @ 30ftlbs. Do they need some kind of thread lock? Or re-torque?
Picked up a Quentin Defense rail off of ARF.com and it has an extension that fills the gap between it and the receiver. Should there be room for movement between the two? Thx in advance!
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with the supplied nut wrenches i torque to 50-65 pounds, i use the brownell copper paste stuff on the barrel into the upper and on the barrel nut threads. for instance, i bring the torque value up in increments from hand tight, then if i'm going for 65 i take it to 60, back it off, take it to 62, back it off, then take it to 65 and leave it. your mileage may vary and opinions will differ, but that's what i do

due to the added distance the supplied barrel wrench adds, i'm really torquing to 75 when set on 65
No, don't use thread lock. Use an anti-seize grease like AeroShell 33MS. See steps 3-5 in the KMR installation instructions for good advice on installing a barrel nut: http://www.bravocompanymfg.com/downloads/kmr_installation_instructions.pdf
Good info, thx! Got the 30 # off of the web somewhere, and everything up there is true. . .
After I finish the 6.8, gonna go back and look at my RRA build. Been quite a while since I put him together so don't remember what it's set at.
Military spec is 35-80. Some manufacturers specify what their barrel nut should be torqued to. Anywhere in that range is generally close enough. I try to torque them all to 35 and it has worked out fine for years. It is not that critical a spec. If your RRA shoots good I would leave it alone.
Its got a 2 moa Aimpoint with a 3x Eotech flip behind it and its always inside the 2". Been using it for hunting and its never let me down. Hoping the 6.8 shoots as well!
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