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The Stag upper you like was tested on AR15.com against some custom 6.8 uppers and for its price it performed very well.

The front sight option you mentioned means you have a choice of the traditional "A" shaped fixed front sight post, or a gas block with a rail on it for you to mount a flip front sight if you chose to. Some people with optics prefer to have a flip sight and feel the fixed sight gets in the way of their optics view. Others like the ruggedness and reliability of a fixed front sight and can live with a little shadow in their scope, or some have no shadow as their optics are mounted high enough. Look at pictures of owners rifles on this site and on AR15.com and you'll see many combinations. Look at some other Stag rifles on their site and you'll see the differences.

Also some recent magazine articles about Stag 6.8's show the Samson Star-C freefloat quad rail forend on them so they may be available from Stag in 6.8 like they offer them on 5.56 rifles.

Paulosantos hit it on the head about most name brand lowers being fine. You can find good deals on Stag lowers too. Check out our vendors for lowers, and the equipment exchange on AR15.com.

I've seen the Stag 6.8 complete upper on AR15.com for $465.00. There are RRA uppers in that price range also. Those are pretty good deals considering the hardware included in that price.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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