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Question for LEOs

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I was unsure where to put this so feel free Paulo to move it to where it needs to be.

My question involves clearing a house by yourself such as if you heard someone trying to break into your house.

I have a hallway where the kids bedrooms are and a bathroom. The bathroom door is directly across from one of the bedrooms. How would one go about clearing the first one without exposing your back to the second? The fact that kids may be in those rooms poses an entirely different problem so I'm limiting myself to the easier issue first.
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I would agree with Paulo, if you heard someone coming into your house and they got into the kids room they would most likely be letting you know something was wrong. If you did hear one of your kids calling for help/screaming/crying that is your priority. You go past any potential threat areas to get to them. If there is no indication that there is a problem with them I would check the bathroom first and then get the kids back to one location with your significant other. If you clear the rest of the house I would suggest never going past an open door, always take that room first.

Now here is the problem, in Minnesota where I live we do not have a "Castle Doctrine." There is a belief that you must attempt to retreat until you can no longer retreat in your house. So if you went actively looking as a private citizen and hurt or kill the person you may be in trouble. I would check on your specific state statutes to determine what your best course of action would be.
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