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Question for LEOs

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I was unsure where to put this so feel free Paulo to move it to where it needs to be.

My question involves clearing a house by yourself such as if you heard someone trying to break into your house.

I have a hallway where the kids bedrooms are and a bathroom. The bathroom door is directly across from one of the bedrooms. How would one go about clearing the first one without exposing your back to the second? The fact that kids may be in those rooms poses an entirely different problem so I'm limiting myself to the easier issue first.
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Everyone is going to have a different idea... as a single person clearing a house I would go with a target recovery then into a clearing role...
so for example I would leave your bedroom with your wife or whatever staying in that room, then I would quickly close to the bedrooms with your kids in it... get your kids... retreat to the bedroom leave your kids with your wife... with her on the phone and all that good such.... then go about clearing the rooms one by one... with a t intersection or a double door scenario like your mentioning either or... pick one and go for it no matter what you have a 50 50 shot......
This thread got me to check my state laws... Castle doctrine check.. you dont need to retreat on your land your house or any outlying buildings....

and they just passed a law smiler to Florida where you have no need to retreat from where ever you are standing... be it public place or not....

Need to get home and get the CCW law book to make sure :D
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