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Put a scope on THIS rifle...

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Here's the rifle...

18" Constructor built Super Match 6.8SPC with he best of everything!! Except glass...

Without going into all the gorey details, this gun is a real shooter. With cheapo, over magnified 6-18x50, paralax ridden, chinese optics, it shot sub MOA at 300 yards. It pulls double duty with punching paper and hunting. Ranges it sees are from 50 to 500 yards. When hunting, I can be out from before sun up to after sun down. And if I'm going after coyotes or hogs, it will see some very low light conditions.

I'm looking for magnified optics in the $500 to $600 range and will use my existing mount for 1" tubes. OR swap it out for a similar mount for 30mm tubes... Pay no attention to the TR21-3 Accupoint shown in the picture as it's now mounted on my SBR... As you can see, I'm fond of the Trijicon Accupoints and have a "hankerin'" for a 3-9x40 if they release it with the German #4 reticle. However, I'm open to any and all suggestions...

Okay... You know the rifle, you know how it will be used and you have a budget... What say ye? Stay Accupoint or jump ship?
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J.Boyette said:

Mil reticules are easy as pie.
:wink: :lol: :lol:

Excellent write up...
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