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Push me over the edge!

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Hello Gents!! Long time hunter/handloader and shooter from the norhteast.

Sitting square on the fence regarding my first non 5.56 AR15 build. Ive always used bolt-action rifles to complete my hunting ventures, however this year during a hike/hunt I threw my 16" 5.56 over my back, and what a pleasant experience it was! Im now rechambering my AR into something I can hunt whitetail and black bear ethically out to 3-400 yards.

It honestly comes down to the same old song and dance, 6.5 Gendel vs 6.8 SPC. Originaly the Grendel seems very alluring, but upon more discussion with peers and such it seems both cartridges have about the same ethical killing distance. One of the big drawbacks I ran into with the 6.5G, was reliable magazines (im obsessed with reliability in my AR and have had ZERO issues with pmags), and rather expensive, and limited barrel/bolts. I have larger caliber rifles that I use for 500+ target shooting/ hunting, so the increased B.C of the Grendel really means squat to me at this point. Also a 16" barrel is as long as id like to go, but willing to entertain a 18".

I handload, so expense of rounds is irrelevant to me, and it seems the 6.8 has a great selection of hunting bullets. I only have one AR15, and with my massive OCD complex, that's how I like to keep it.. Ill someday put togather a stone reliable SHTF 5.56 upper.

Speaking of reliability, how does the 6.8 SPC compare to a 5.56? The few issues I read about the 6.5 G (bolt breakage, ****ty magazines, feeding/extracting issues) are what kept me from pressing the "place order" button on the last step of the midwayusa check out page..

The ARP barrel/bolts REALLY sucked me in today when I saw the incredible price and features of their barrels. Feedback on accuracy of the 16-18" setups?

Lots of questions here, and I greatly appreciate your time!! Thanks guys!
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i currently have 7 - 6.8's, 2 - 5.56/s, 2 - 308's, 1 - 7/63X39. all of the Ar15 frame but one run ARP barrels,bolts, muzzle devices. i could not be happier with them.
I'm pretty new here too, built a couple 6.8's and I couldn't be happier with them. After shooting 223/556, the first time you pull the trigger on a 6.8 and you see the size of the hole compared to the 223, it's like wow, did that just come out of my AR ! Low recoil, accurate, what's not to like. It sounds like you've already seen through all the hype. This is also a nice eye opener: http://68forums.com/forums/showthread.php?61455-Welcome-to-the-6-8-the-good-points
I'm thinking about selling my 6x45 upper and get a 20 or 22 Triad, although the 270AR is also calling me.
The ARP barrel/bolts REALLY sucked me in today when I saw the incredible price and features of their barrels. Feedback on accuracy of the 16-18" setups?
I have had 2 each of ARP 16", 18" and 20" barrels. The 16" were accurate but the 18"ers we easier to find the optimum load so sold the 16". I got a 20" just to see if there was as much improvement compared to going from 16 to 18". There was in a few ways but the 20" didn't have the balance of the 18" (which felt the same as the 16"). I did like the added performance of the 20" for hunting so had the barrel fluted so I now have an 18" and 20". My hunting buddy talked me out of the 2nd 18" and won't give it back and my son has the 20" for hunting.
Do it! Do it! Do it!
I've hunted exclusively with the 6.8 AR platform for the past three years and it is a proven deer slayer.
Are you over the edge yet? :)
I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger! X-Mas with the wife and two toddlers has me in a slight financial depression.. Once I get a couple paychecks ahead I think I'll bite.. any advice regarding what ARP 18" barrel? (3r vs 5r?) Also I'd love some feedback regarding general reliability regarding 6.8 compared to 5.56..
6.8 is the only caliber I've hunted with in 4 years, and my freezer stays full. ARP will do you right, buy with confidence.
I've built 4 6.8 AR''s using AR 15 Performance barrels and couldn't be happier. My favorite for hunting is my 12.5" 6.8 suppressed and I have had 0 issues with the rifle. I don't compare my 6.8's with my 5556 because I run my 556 really hard and don't do that with my 6.8's. With that being said, I wouldn't be afraid to defend my home/family with any of my 6.8 rifles.

When I build a rifle I do not use bottom shelf parts but that's just my OCD
The 6.8 is ever bit as much as reliable as the 5.56. Very accurate too and as stated above very effective as a hunting round.

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As stated, reliability is 'built in'. The round was designed by the military for the M4 platform. It went through testing there. And certainly, all ussum MILITIA here can testify the same in many different enviornments.

I have a 18" ARP Target Crown 5R barrel. Couldn't be happier. This muzzle is QUITE and extremely accurate at 5/16" groups at 100 yards. ARP says the 3R's should be as accurate and provide more velocity, if I recall right. I"ll be corrected quickly if I'm misstating. IMHO, the 5R is proven 10x over thus far!

The ranges you state are ideal for 6.8. I've hunted exclusively with one of my two 6.8's for the past 4 years. Lots of hogs, dogs, cats, and this year, a deer. I don't shoot many deer, as I let the kids do that! All usually one shot kills, DRT. You do your part, it'll do its! I know you've compared ballistics.

At my local Academy, I've never seen 6.5G rounds, or rarely. They're regularly keeping 6.8 SST, VMAX, BTHP, and Rem/AE FMJ rounds. Some have the Fusion MSRs.

The magazine issues were a big thing a few years back, but it seems their reliability has greatly improved. The last few I've bought have all operated flawlessly. My main one's are ASC and PRI, while my latest CPD's are flawless in operation, but have a rattle occasionally.

For a build, the ARP barrel of your choosing, along with a Superbolt, will be the ticket! Good Luck on your new 6.8!
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