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Problem With SSA Sticking in Chamber

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I have had a problem with ssa 6.8 110 pro hunter round as a box of them will not feed into the chamber and will get stuck, I was hoping it was not the upper and after a go guide fit the chamber I was convienced it was the ammo. one of the 15 i had on hand fit into the chamber and ejected with no problems. I still have not fired it yet as it is driving me crazy, but my problem might be the with the casings. I just got home and yes a box of rounds were sticking, and now after i got home more than three boxes were sticking I randomly pulled 6 rounds from 6 more boxes and they stuck. Everyone of the soft points were marred but i expect that from the feed ramps, but each one of the copper jackets have the same nicks and scratches in the same pattern. So I took a 30 caliber brush and gently pushed in into the chamber to try to remove any burrs or extra metal. After that I flushed out the chamber with gun scrubber and recleaned and oiled the bore and chamber. I ran a random box of soft points, the first on fed so i cycled the gun twice more and the third stuck. after pulling it out i loaded 8rnds total and all of them cycled. Of course the SP are nicked up, but so are the copper jackets. They seem to be feeding smoother, but could a bur or anything else be the cause of this? Their is a pattern of an arch on the jackets and the marred soft points. The first two starts on the left and runs to the right down the jacket and the third fourth fifth and sixth all have deeper gouges as well as the run on the other side. The second to last on the right side has four nicks that you can see running down the jacket. As I fed 12 more from the same box all of them have similar markings one of them has a piece of the jacket looking like a thin piece of metal was shaved off, and that same round has three nicks on the shoulder of the casing. But the FACT Remains, some of the ammo feeds consistently, and some do not it is as of right now around three of every twenty that are jamming. Over pressure can be a real problem here can it not? Is it safe to shoot any of this stuff? I really need to go sight in my rifle asap. So is this ammo, or chamber? the Go guide should be larger than the bullet right? Thanks for your help.
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Agreed.. barrel information is needed.
It's one of my SAM-Rs, I told him to check the diameter of the neck of a loaded round but don't think he can. The scratches are from the ejector button pushing the cartridge and bullet into the lugs of the extension. The more you chamber and pull it out the more scratches you will get. The AR has a floating firing pin that is why it leaves little dings on the primers.

The go gage does not go up into the neck area, you need to measure the diameter of the necks of the loaded rounds.
Do the newer SSA cases have thicker necks? SO far I've not had any problems with their ammo.
possibly. The DMR(used in my stainless match barrels) was based on the brass size 3 years ago with .014 thick necks. I did recheck the SAAMI print which shows .307 dia and that is what the DMR is, the SPCII and DMR C(used in the XT and Recon) are .308.
I may need to change the match neck to .308 or .309 to match the brass if these problems persist.

Tim, If you want, send the upper back and I'll check it out, please include a few cartridges that would not load. I have a quick fix.
edited for clarification
I did check into this further and posted over in my area, there appears to be a small lip at the edge of the brass. If reloading new cases chamfer the inside and outside of the neck and resize the new cases.
Thanks Adam. I forgot about this post and fired one of the ProHunters out of my SAM-R a couple of weeks ago and it punched a nice hole in a piece of 3/8 steel. Ejection was consistant with the other ammo I shot so I will need to check all the primers on the brass to if there is anything of note. The 90 gr Speer TNT did the same thing but the OTMs and VMAXs only cratered it. The interesting thing to note though was that the commercial load made a deeper crater than the Tactical load.

I am not sure of the location of the measurement you are talking about on the neck turn to .012, I will need to pull some of the rounds out and measure the necks on these.
Actually the DMR is a MATCH chamber as the description says and was designed from SSAs brass size 3 years ago. It will handle ammo with .305 necks and no more. It will not shoot any SSA factory loads as they are made today but will shoot the hottest prepped handloads.

Just finished reading this thread...very helpful as I recently purchased a rifle with the DMR chamber. Measuring the SSA ammo showed the neck was .306 which apparantly is too large for the chamber to handle. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that produces ammo that will shoot reliably from a DMR chamber? Thanks!
DMR in a SAM-R stainless or DMR-C in a Recon? and when did you purchase a barrel. I stopped chambering the SAM-R with the DMR chamber a few months ago because of this problem. Actually I stopped chambering all rifles with match chambers unless the buyer actually competes and sends me a signed statement requesting a specific chamber.
The DMR was designed from SSAs ammo about 3 years ago and shot everything fine until last spring.
OK that is a DMR-C it should be good for ammo up to .307 or any ammo that is in spec.
I can open the chamber with the 6.8X43 if you want just give Donna a call at the shop for details
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