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Have your PRI mags had a 5% (1 in 20) or more failure rate?

  • Yes

    Votes: 2 20.0%
  • No

    Votes: 8 80.0%

PRI mags Redux

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Here is a summary of the responses to the 'PRI mags' thread:

Poster # 1 (myself): 1 defective mag out of 1 - 100% failure rate
Poster # 2: 7 defective mag out of 22 - 32% failure rate
Poster # 3: by his own reckoning, 15% failure rate or 50% failure rate depending on which guns he uses.
Poster # 4: 3 defective mag out of 10 - 30% failure rate
Poster # 5: 100% non-tweaked lip failure, but poster disagrees that this should be marked as defect.
Poster # 6: Does not have working gun, has never used his PRI mags, but "likes PRI workmanship"
Poster # 7: 3 mags out of unknown number with sticky follower - unknown % failure rate
Poster # 8: Does not feel 'failure to drop' failure is a defect (blames varying lowers), and does not reveal or address other defects - unknown % failure rate
Poster # 9: Admits 'failure to drop' defect, but does not say how many and also blames lowers - unknown % failure rate
Poster #10: none of his PRI's have tweaked lips, admits "ka-ching" of his ammo against his feed lips, and complains they bend too easily - unknown % failure rate (or is it 100% given he admits ammo is "ka-chinging" ?)
Poster # 11: 1 sticky follower mag out of 11 - 9% failure rate
Poster # 12: 2 out of 16 mag with 'sticky follower' defect - 13% failure rate
Poster # 13: 100% failure to tweak lips, admits he has "have an issue with the PRI's I did tweak the mag lips..." - unknown (or is it a 100%?) failure rate.
Poster #14: no defective mags, 0% failure rate.

Besides some quibbling with the numbers, at least one of you does not think the failure to fall from well is an issue PRI specific, and one other believes lips should not be tweaked.

Despite these very high failure rates, most of give PRI A+ or A rating. Why is this???

My speculations:

- 6.8 users are just happy to have any working mags at all. When your choice is between bad, worse, and unworkable, bad is (relatively speaking) the best.

- PRI business practices: PRI immediately replaces defective mags, and throws in peace offerings, which gives folks a warm and fuzzy about them.

- High tolerance for poor product in "black rifle" niche of gun industry for various reasons

What am I missing?
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There are PRI, C-Products, and Barrett 6.8SPC Mags. If you don't like the PRI mags, you have other options. I had 3 that had issues and they replaced them with ones that work. I don't understand the big deal. I also think they had a bad batch. I now have 5 PRI 25 Round Mags that work. What else can I ask for? If someone else has problems with their PRI mags, they should replace them. That simple.
Magazines have always been the biggest problems with guns. I've had some of the early CProducts mags that needed tweaking. I had 3 Barrett mags that had big time issues. I had the newer CP Mars that functioned perfect. I still have two of the PRI mags that have thousands of rounds with no problems. It is the growing pains with new calibers. Shit, even some 556 mags have issues on occasion. That is why you test all of your mags and equipment.
I still read where people bash Cproducts mags because they had issues with the older version. Yet they don't bother to tell anyone that they never tried the new ones. It is human nature to bitch and complain about everything. If I have a problem with something I just send it back for replacement. I paid a whole $2 to ship them back to PRI. Went to the post office and placed the 3 in a padded envelope and sent them back.

As far as the answer to your questions, I don't have an answer to them. I have a laid back attitude and deal with things differently. All I know is that I now have 5 PRI 25 round mags that work so they that is all that I'm worried about. The one thing I learned about Mars is that once you have good ones, they generally last.
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crenca, since you started this thread, you can say the last word before I lock it. It is pointless to continue.
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