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PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle

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Okay guys my parts are finally starting to roll in for my new build and have a question. Is this item really worth three times the cost of a standard charging handle. If it is fine but what sts it apart from a standard one. I kinnda feel a steel one would be more robust than any of the aluminum ones at there, but what do I know. If you have other suggestions or additional info I would love the input BEFORE I drop $85 on this item. I am looking for the best built parts for this build because it could be awhile before we can by them if the AWB gets passed by our NEW Government of Change.

Thanks guys, Rhett in Az
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Well you could always pick up some RTV silcone and make your own for about $3. There's a sticky some where on a DIY Ghost buster, really easy and pretty effective.
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