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Pressure Check with pics

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Below is a picture of my brass. I am working up a load with the wolf .223 primers, the load is H335, wolf primers, 130gr speer hot cor, SSA brass, shot out of my 1/12 - 3 groove - DMR chamber. I don't have a chrono

From left to right is 29.5, 29.7, 29.9, and 30.1 of H335. I think on the last two you can see some very light ejector marks but they are pretty light...the primers I think look good. Can I keep going? I think I am close to max but want to go as far as I can and still keep it safe.

Tell me what you think
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The 29.9 looks like some primer cratering that would indicate high pressures. It would be easier to tell with multiple primers at that load level. The 30.1 looks to be a lighter load by the looks of the primer so that makes it all the more interesting.

IMHO you need to try a few other rounds at those loadings. You might also look at different primers as those may be softer than some of the others available. It could also be those particular primers are a little softer than some of the others.

Others with more knowledge should weigh in here shortly.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts