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Pressure Check with pics

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Below is a picture of my brass. I am working up a load with the wolf .223 primers, the load is H335, wolf primers, 130gr speer hot cor, SSA brass, shot out of my 1/12 - 3 groove - DMR chamber. I don't have a chrono

From left to right is 29.5, 29.7, 29.9, and 30.1 of H335. I think on the last two you can see some very light ejector marks but they are pretty light...the primers I think look good. Can I keep going? I think I am close to max but want to go as far as I can and still keep it safe.

Tell me what you think
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I agree the last one is your clear swipe and for a regular shot round dropping down from a couple tenths to a .5 grain depending on the temps it was shot at woudl be a good idea. That last load IMO is not bad just hotter than need be unless you have some specific vel goal/need. Not sure about the other specs of your laod but if you can go even a small amount further out in COAL that will have a good effect on the pressure. If you have any crimp at all loose it. Depending on the primer you are using you can try changing it.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts