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Possible build 25x6.8

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I got permission from the boss for another barrel swap.
We have a 20" national match that doesn't get shot much. Our light barrel ARs are close in accuracy for our hunting purpose and much more fun to carry.
So I think I'm going with a 20" light contour in 25x6.8.
Plan is shooting 87gr tnt for varmints and possibly H322 for powder and 450 primers. I use H322 and CCI 450s in several calibers and have a lot so I hope they work. Saw a post where H322 was used with 100gr bullets with so so success but I'm hoping with a lighter bullet it will be good.

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It's a good deer cartridge. Easy to form and accuracy is not tough to achieve. Quite a bit of load data has been accumulated over the past couple years.

H322 isn't going to be the best option for the lighter bullets but it will work. With a 20" barrel you'd probably still hit 3000fps but you're losing a good bit of velocity as opposed to other powders.
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