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Positive experience with Stag Customer Service

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I just wanted to give credit to Stag's Customer Service.

I bought a Stag 6.8 upper ~ 2 years ago. When I bought it I spoke with Stag about what ammo I could shoot out of it. At the time they stated only factory loads from Hornady and Remington. They specifically said to not shoot SSA Extreme loads.

As the cartridge was further improved and the SPC II chamber and slower twist ratios became the norm I contemplated changing out the barrel for a 1:11 SPC II chambered one. I was pretty sure my upper had a SPC chamber and it definitely had a 1:10 twist as it was marked that way.

I also wanted to reload hotter loads for hunting than what I could load with the existing barrel.

With PauloSantos offering his chamber reamer I was considering going down that route and living with the 1:10 twist. Someone on that thread mentioned talking to Stag to see if it could be determined what chamber I had because Stag only produced a very small number of rifles with the original chamber.

So I did just that. I sent an email to Stag and stated my desire to swap the barrel for a 1:11 twist SPC II chambered version. David at Stag contacted me back and stated that if the upper was indeed an early one with the original SPC chamber that they considered it a warranty issue and he issued a call tag and UPS label for me to return it. He also stated it would take 1-2 weeks turnaround time.

So I sent the upper back to Stag, waited 2 weeks and then sent an email to Stag's CS to request status. David sent me a note back stating my upper had shipped out but he did not know what the results were. When the upper arrived it was a brand new upper with a 1:11 twist SPC II barrel. A note was included that simply stated the upper had been replaced.

It still has the subpar staking of the gas key bolts and does not have M4 feed ramps but I can fix both of those easily.

The fact that Stag was willing to fix or replace an upper that had no problems was very appreciated by me. I did not ask Stag to do this for free or anything of the sort. I was willing to pay to replace the barrel as there was nothing wrong with the original.

So my hats off to Stag for standing behind their product and recognizing that the original configuration was not optimal.

So Thank You Stag and Thank You Paulo for offering the reamer to those of us that could use it.
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Wow... that's a great deed on Stag's part. Santa came early! :D
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