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Play toy build finished

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My new .556 play toy got finished today. Sabre lower, WOA LPK, WOA tuned RRA trigger, SSS Tubbs springs, H buffer, anti roll pins, CTR stock, Hogue grip, Millett DMS1, Burris PEPR, Double Star upper with 4-Railed Hand guard, 4-Railed gas block, Phantom Flash Hider/Comp., 16" 1/9. Now to go and break it in. As much as I want to just blast away, I cant. The barrel will be broken in properly.


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It's very well made, but heavy. Balances on rifle well. Height is perfect with CTR stock but may be a little low if it is on an A2. Time will tell. Have not shot with it yet. Very impressed with quality of mount.
The DMS1 and Burris PEPR mount increased the weight of my rifle from 5.75lbs. to 7.14lbs That's an increase of 1.39lbs. But handles well and weight is distributed well so the balance is very good. Hopefully will be breaking in the barrel, sighting in, and shooting some groups tomorrow.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts