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A smart man indeed, and of course he has his own interests at heart as well. I just have issues with some of the ways he goes about thing. For example, he has bought up most of the water in the Ogallala aquifer in Texas, which represents an enormous amount of fresh water. He now wants to pump it all up and sell it to Dallas, which would require a pipeline. Problem is that the pipeline would run over 500+ different people's private property/ranches/farms, and many told him to go stick it. So he formed a water company using seven relatives, because a water company in Texas has a little-known right to confiscate private land for its needs through "eminent domain". He is now in the process of forcing people to sell parts of the land for his pipeline.

Dallas has not even said it wants or needs the water, and lots of farmers that use the aquifer to water crops are freaked that he will drain it all out.

Like I said, a sharp business man, but there are better ways to go about things...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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