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paulosantos - CCI 400 Primers?

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Paul, I noticed in the reloading chart that noone uses the CCI 400 primers for the loads. Is there a special reason for this??? :?: I have used CCI's for years and was just wondering.

>> Jan <<

Thanks for the replies, guys. Guess I will use what I have and start off a little low for the loads listed w/o them. :)
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the wins are the smallest diameter and the hottest standar primers. They will fit loose the soonest even after 2-3 loading and because of the hotter flam will have larger Vel spreads but they do work. I suggest you use the Wins first while your cases have the least number of loadings. Then goto the CCIs after that get WOLf or CC Br4 Rem 7 1/2 These tend to produce the best flame for the 6.8 creating the lowest vel spreads.
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