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It's wierd to find no topics here, a nice fresh new forum, on the very day that I get some exciting news related to T/C.

I got a call from the T/C Custom shop today. The first batch of custom 6.8 SPC T/C Contender barrels is on its way to Ko-tonics.

The first big question everyone will ask is: does it have Ko-tonics chamber and rifling? Answer: NO. It's a standard SAAMI chamber and has six-groove, 1:10" twist rifling. This should NOT be an issue with this gun, because higher pressure will not cause the kind of feed/extract/eject problems that come with too much pressure in an AR-15. The 1:10 rifling will easily stabilize bullets over 130 grains, and you will be able to seat your bullets without the constraint of a magazine to limit COL.

These are standard T/C barrels that I have had chopped to 18". T/C's standard length is 23" for Contender barrels, which I think is way too long and cumbersome, especially for 6.8 SPC.

  • Material: Stainless
    Finish: bead-blasted low-gloss
    Length: 18"
    Profile: Bull (straight, heavy to the muzzle)
    Sights: none, drilled/tapped for scope mounts
    Works with both Contender and G2 Contender

I will be selling a G2 frame with composite stock and forend to go with the barrel, or just the barrel alone. FFL required for recieving the frame. I will also be offering a Warne Weaver/Piccy mount.

Barrel alone will be $280, with frame/stock/forend it will be $620.

The cool thing is that the rifle should weigh 5 pounds and be less than 32" in length.

I'll let you know when they get here, post pics, etc.

Ko-tonics LLC

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Contents of Ko-tonics T/C 6.8 Contender carbine page

A lightweight, compact rifle, in a great all-around cartridge.

The AR-15 is a wonderful rifle, but there are times when it may be just a bit "too much of a good thing." If you are planning to travel a distance on foot, with all your gear riding on your back, you will be looking for ways to make the trip easier. Saving weight and cutting down to essentials can make the trip more enjoyable.

For hunting, it may be a long way to your stand, or you enjoy the challenge of stalking the game. Or possibly, as with many hunters, you want to impose a limit on yourself of one good shot (a limit we should all strive for!) It could be that your state does not allow hunting with self-loading rifles.

If you enjoy hiking and backpacking, carrying a compact rifle may appeal to you for a variety of reasons. Practicing survival skills, plinking, or subsistence hunting (in-season) far out in the wilderness can be rigorous adventure.

Ko-tonics collaborated with the Thompson/Center Custom Shop to optimize the fine G2 Contender carbine for 6.8 SPC. This rifle is everything you could want for traveling afield without being under-gunned.

The Thompson/Center G2 Contender can be changed to any one of fourteen calibers, and will accommodate rifle or pistol barrels and stocks/grips. Going from .17 Mach II to .45/70, .410 shotshell or .50 caliber muzzleloader can be accomplished in minutes. This unsurpassed flexibility makes the G2 Contender a great investment for anyone who enjoys firearms.


  • Overall Length: 32 inches
    Weight with optional Warne scope base: 5 lbs. 9 oz.
    Barrel: 18 inches, stainless steel, can be mounted on old-style Contenders
    Sights: none, drilled and threaded for mounting scope bases (four holes)
    Rifling: Six-groove, 1:10" twist.
    Frame: Stainless steel Contender G2
    Stock and forend: Composite, improved design for using with optics; sling studs included
    Length of pull: 14 1/4 inches

  • Warne MAXIMA scope base, Weaver-style one-piece steel, matte finish
    Bore lapping service to greatly reduce break-in time and fouling
    Cerakote Graphite Black finish on barrel and frame

  • Thompson Center G2 Contender frame, stock and forend: $340.00 (must be shipped to an FFL for transfer.)
    18" 6.8 SPC stainless Contender barrel: $280.00 (no FFL required for purchase.)
    Warne MAXIMA scope base: $27.00
    Bore lapping service: $50.00
    Cerakote Graphite Black on barrel: $20.00
    Cerakote Graphite Black on frame: $30.00
Please contact Ko-tonics for any questions regarding this unique 6.8 SPC carbine.

Ko-tonics T/C 6.8 Contender Page

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I have a contender pistol built in the late 70's then rebuilt by Thompson Center in the 90's.

I will be interested in a barrel with picatinny rail, buttstock and forend. It would be just the ticket for hunting in the BWCA and light enough to carry when trapping. It would be nice to have something for those coyotes you see now and then in the woods. I don't know if my ACOG would work on it, it might mount too high for a good cheek weld. I have an older 2-7 Leupold that would work though.

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Disco said:
OK, so 1:10 six-groove...

Now I thought the 1:11 four-groove barrel was preferred for the SSA ammo... or is that just in ARs?
That's a good question.

AR's are more pressure sensitive. The level of gas pressure affects the feed/extract/eject cycle. That's why the older AR 6.8 barrels with 6-groove 1:10" twist are a problem. The increased friction in the rifling along with the tight throat push presures high too quickly. The gas system is trying to unlock the bolt while there is still high pressure, and you get various nasty side-effects.

No such issues in a single-shot or bolt action. You can load a single-shot or bolt gun to higher pressures and not see any bad side-effects.

Now if I had my "druthers", I would have my own barrels making shop where you could get four-groove 1:11" rifling for T/C's. They would get much better velocity. Over on ARFCOM I posted the results of a side-by-side test of my AR barrels (with no gas port, a single-shot AR!) and the T/C barrel of the same length. My AR barrel got 30 fps more velocity.

I did go to various sources to see if I could get custom rifling for the Contender barrels, but nothing turned-up.

Maybe someday.
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