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Opinions on Burris 4.5-14 scope?

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Another "Should I get this?" question...

I'm also looking at scope options for my much-anticipated Xtreme upper. Will mate it to one of my "old" (pre-ban) Colt lowers for defending myself against bowling pins at 300 yards, mostly, but some hunting use too. Thanks to you guys in uniform I will not be humping my rifle over mountains or getting it run over by tanks, etc. so my main durability concerns are woods use and exposure to elements.

So the Burris FullField II 4.5-14 x 42 seems like a pretty good option for some mixed bench/hunting work, but I would appreciate any opinions from Burris owners. I like my Leupold 3-9 but would like just a bit more reach-out-and-touch...and the Burris price means I can spend more on mags.

Thanks much for your thoughts, gents.
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Fireguy, I have a 6x18 Burris Fullfield on my 6.8 currently that I'm using for load development. it's an OK scope but IMO not in the same class as my Leupolds or Bushnell 4200's. I just got my 1.75x5 Burris (an older Fullfield) back from them for repair work due to a cracked lens and canted reticle. It's like new again and they stood behind their warranty. I will probably mount it for hunting once I get a good load dialed in. If I were to buy a new scope for the 6.8 it would probably be a Leupold III 2.5x8. There's a good deal on them from Midsouth Shooters Supply now. Just remember you really get what you pay for in optics so buy the best you can. BTW were are you shooting 300 yds.? South FL?
Thanks Bushdog, I appreciate the advice. I went ahead and ordered a Bushnell--almost got a 4200, but saw a 3-12x56 from their Trophy series for $173 at Adorama Camera of all places (free shipping too). A bit on the heavy side perhaps, but the extra magnification will really help me get the most out of that Xtreme.

I'm in N FL, and I go to the Bradford Sportsmen's Farm (Google it to see the website and directions). I't a great facility but not as hoity-toity as the name sounds--don't have to shine your boots to get let in! They've got lots of skeet ranges, pistol range, and both 300 and 600 yard rifle ranges. The latter is supposed to be the longest public rifle range in this part of the state. I grew up shooting on public land in Mississippi but since moving to a highly-populated state I really believe in supporting great ranges.
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I like the Burris scopes and they back their warranty like no one else.

That being said, I have found them to be very critical of head placement behind the scope. Not a problem with eye relief, more of a horizontal position that causes me problems with the ones I have owned and used. Not exactly what you want in field shooting situations. From the bench with plenty of time to ensure proper positioning not a problem.

I agree that a Leupold or other good quality scope is a little better choice, keeping in mind that I own scopes from Burris to Leupold to Swarovski to Zeiss to S&B myself.

All my serious hunting scopes are of German make. Like most of my serious hunting rifles. :lol:

Just my $.02 worth as YMMV.
Enjoy the new glass fireguy and thanks for the info. on the range. Sounds like a great place to shoot.

Chopper, that difficulty with the eye placement/field of view is also what I experience with my 6x18 Burris. I thought it might be because of the magnification but maybe it's just its design. Wish I could afford the higher end German stuff! :lol:
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