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One box of 110gr Nosler Accubond bullets available

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If there is someone that is desperate to get their hands on some 110gr Nosler Accubond 6.8 bullets, and cannot wait for them to be available in stores this summer, then I have one box of 50 bullets available. I found these when doing some organizing of my reloading supplies. I had intended to work a load up with these when I bought them a couple of years ago, but went with the 90gr gold dots instead. The box was opened but no bullets were taken out.

I am asking what I paid for them, which is $27. The buyer will also have to cover shipping (USPS small flat rate box should work). I do not do Paypal, so a USPS Money order will be required for payment.
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I'll take them. PM me for details as to where to send the MO. Thanks, Steve
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