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? on reloading a .338 lapua & diff. from other .338's

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I have a couple of questions regarding the .338 lapua ammo. I know this might be more directed for Constructor but I know a few of you guys do your own reloading so please pour out you knowledge :D

I would like to know the difference between .338 lapua and the other .338 rounds. Now the reason I ask is because the Lapua round seems to be the Mercedes Benz of the .338 family. The average price for a box of 20 .338 lapua is about $90 but the other .338's is half that price if not less. So whats so great about it and did I make a mistake in picking up the Armalite AR-30 in .338 lapua?

Next if it is a great round what to you guys recommend doing for reloading in the lapua? Now just to give you a heads up Im new to the reloading stage but understand its the best way to go if you plan on going through alot of rounds :twisted: .

Now the cool part is that I have Dillion Precsion right in my backyard. So starting from A to Z what reloading device do you recommend, powder, brass and grain? I also have a feeling this question may come up and yes I plan reloading the 6.8spc plus the 7.62x54.

Oh and please note where you get the powder, brass and grain.

I do appreciate any input given on this topic!
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I wouldnt call it wildcatted. It came from a real factory.

The .338Lapua is basically a .416 rigby necked down to .338 (and strengthened). There aren't too many places making the brass, and not in large quantities, so it gets pricey with no economies of scale. Plus it requires an assload of powder due to the huge case. All that adds up.
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