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Ok I am ready to buy - Couple more questions

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I have had my eye on the 6.8 Xtreme for a while now but never really jumped yet because I didnt really think I needed it yet. Well my current .223 upper is kinda worn down to the point where I am getting a lot of FTF and FTE. A replacement barrel can apparently take months to get.

So I am curious again, I know how the 6.8 handles some medium to larger game but what about the varmints? Like prairie dog etc etc. I just PCSed to South Dakota so I guess there is quite a bit of varmint to shoot around here. I would like to have something to go out for some fun in the sun and also put different loads to kill zombies should they ever appear.

What is the current state of the 6.8? I have actually seen quite a bit of 6.8 ammo in some stores around here which actually makes me feel warm and fuzzy but has the following picked up at all or is it still kinda stagnant? I am fine with the 6.8 for now until things start to settle down more and I can find more .223 barrels for better prices and actually receive them in a timely manner.

Lastly, and maybe the AR15 Performance guys could answer; I am ready to pick up one of the Xtremes, what is your lead time? Do you have some built and ready to go, because I would certainly like to get it ASAP and get rounds down range. Hopefully before the summer is over. I will probably contact you on Monday or something if you dont answer here.

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Sorry we get more orders a day than we can fill in a day but, if we keep getting Midwest, Troy, PRI and DD rails we could catch up in Aug. with the Xts. We will catch up with the Recon in July.
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