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Obama Admin to take away reloading...

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http://gunowners.org/a042109.htm guys send letters to you representives. Below is a video about England and the people wanting there guns back now.

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caporider said:
You know, there's a certain irony here.

All the Obama Administration has to do, apparently, is wait for rumor and innuedo to spread about coming gun/ammo control measures, and the folks that can afford to go and snap up everything in sight that is remotely gun-related, especially ammo and components for EBRs. This leaves regular folks without anything, or having to stretch credit cards to pay the newly inflated prices that artificial scarcity cause.

No new gun control legislation has passed, yet it is becoming increasingly difficult to purchase EBRs or ammo at anything approaching reasonable prices. Wolf for $400/k, anyone? Wait times are also months or even years long. Isn't this exactly what would happen if a new assault rifle ban or tax on ammo were to become law?

I agree we need to fight any effort on the government's part to introduce or pass new gun control measures, but there has to be a better way than spreading conjecture and rumor until everyone is in a blind panic. The majority of gun owners or prospective gun owners are not plugged in enough to winnow the wheat from the chaff. Heck, I still see at least a half dozen posts a week about the government' destroying once-fired MIL brass, even though this decision was reversed quite awhile ago.

Maybe it's just a matter of choosing our words carefully so we can see there is an issue at hand, yet we don't slip into panic mode.

Off my soapbox now, thanks for your time.
+1 on this, I had planned an AR purchase for a long time before the election, and did so 100% due to the availability of the Xtreme--Obama didn't scare me into buying anything. Then I found out that we gun owners can be our own worst enemies. I am one to ask for evidence and information before I get scared about stuff, and so far all the sky-is-falling posts I've seen since mid-Clinton Ban just produced a lot of blood pressure spikes--no more.

I will completely agree that any new bill that gets introduced, or legislation being considered, should be brought to light and fought by responsible gun owners as soon as it's noticed, and the web makes this possible. (As others have mentioned we're a much stronger community than in 1994 because of it.) But everybody that ordered two Presidential terms' worth of ammo and parts in late 2008 is as much to blame for the panic as anything else.

Re-reading this I realize it sounds like I'm attracting flames here. Not my intention to get into politics, but rather to voice a complaint about the irony of this whole deal. I'd bet that every one of us has half a dozen firearms between the bed and the front door, yet the thought that some introduced legislation might hurt us two years down the road--and rather than fight it with letters and phone calls, we so often take the bait and buy ourselves into a panic-induced problem like this. Anybody remember when Johnny Carson caused a shortage of toilet paper, just by announcing that there was going to be one? Everybody ran out that night or next morning and bought it up: self-fulfilling prophesy. If our government is ever going to try to make it hard to buy firearms of any sort, let it be by some other means than getting us to do it to ourselves.

Okay, my rant's over too. Time to switch to decaf, I think...
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