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Obama Admin to take away reloading...

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http://gunowners.org/a042109.htm guys send letters to you representives. Below is a video about England and the people wanting there guns back now.

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Ok... I'll try not to get off on a rant here. What people need to realize is that they are going to do anything possible to pass little bullshit laws under the table, this is a perfect example. Then once everything is in place, and Obamas Key players are in place (if you can guess who they will be) will have these little under the radar laws to back up legal arrests and confiscations of firearms in the courts. (also watch out for the racist laws, it's just a matter of time before they use racism against white people to start taking away guns). So the Key players? Obamas "private loyalist security forces". He knows he can't trust red blooded American soldiers and police officers to take guns away from other red blooded honest, hard working American civilians. So when he has his loyalist "Brown Shirts" in the streets in 4 years, he can send them out to harrass the populace. Obama has a massive following of ignorant fanatical liberals who would jump off their poarch to do his bidding. All he has to do is call for them. With the backing of trillions of our (OUR) hard earned tax dollars, he can build an entire society of fanatics willing to do anything for "Change and Hope" or whatever the fuck they will be calling it.

This is obviously the extreme of what is possible, and what we all know Fanatical Liberal Socialists want (they all say it in their own words and hints). But all we have to do is look at history guys... this has already happened dozens... hundreds, maybe thousands of times in the history of human civilization. It's only a matter of when it happens again. I'm of course hoping rationality and COMMON SENSE keeps anything like this from actually happening, but we all know it's a possibility... All it takes is socialism. It's what Socialism did for Nazi Germany...

I think it's time everyone went to the book store and bought a copy of "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine. If you can find it, i think every American needs to read it. Many of the same things that happened in 1776 are happening today...
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Exactly, so when you see his little organizations of "Obama youth" or anything like that.... then you'll know it's time to start thinking of what happened in Germany 70 years ago....
It's more serious than most people will take it for. If things swing the wrong way, there could be a serious reckoning in this country. I don't want to see it of course! I'm just reading history here. The fall of Rome, the Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition, The American Revolution and the French Revolution! The Great War, The Bolshevick Revolution, the rise of Nazi Germany and the breakout of World War II, The fall of the Soviet Union... You can't fucking make everything rainbows and unicorns with gold coins coming out yer ass! This is human nature to have power over others, and it's human nature to fight these powers in the name of Liberty and Freedom. Our Constitution is a living proof of this up to this day, and if we let it die, there can be serious concequences. It's common sense! grrr, i'm fixing to get into Rant mode, better cool it and have another beer.
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Do they pourposely make that shit completely incomprehendable to average people? wtf? the first couple paragraphs look like they say the same shit over and over, and... omg... i feel a rant coming on. I feel like finding the guy who wrote that and kicking him in the balls. Am i the only one who sees that?

Do they have Robots writing this shit?? grrrrr
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