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nv scope for hunting

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i was looking around at scope websites and night vision scopes caught my attention. they were genI and were obviously not as $$$. prices were app.$300-$600. i dont need anything to advanced just something to use for hogs and other assorted varmints. the company was ATN and i read some of the reviews which were favorable for the price.

i was wondering what you guys think and if you had any recomendations/warnings on what to look for or avoid. thanks for any advice.
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After seeing them I can definitly agree in fact the new PVS-14 that is autogated is a great buy. Not cheap but very workable.
looked through a couple of zyukons before older ones. They were o.k. couldn't really see out of them. Didn't really think about nv again until looking through HTR's pvs and the dmr scope from TNVC. Now those are impressive and worth the money.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts