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nv scope for hunting

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i was looking around at scope websites and night vision scopes caught my attention. they were genI and were obviously not as $$$. prices were app.$300-$600. i dont need anything to advanced just something to use for hogs and other assorted varmints. the company was ATN and i read some of the reviews which were favorable for the price.

i was wondering what you guys think and if you had any recomendations/warnings on what to look for or avoid. thanks for any advice.
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phuck.... 2500.00 though... I would never be able to save that kind of money... 1400.00 is bad enough. I am not one of those who are blessed with the gift of plastic... even finding a used one under 1500.00 is rare.

Gen 1s suck arse... and gen 3 is for people in a completely different tax bracket...

shyt.. what to do
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