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nv scope for hunting

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i was looking around at scope websites and night vision scopes caught my attention. they were genI and were obviously not as $$$. prices were app.$300-$600. i dont need anything to advanced just something to use for hogs and other assorted varmints. the company was ATN and i read some of the reviews which were favorable for the price.

i was wondering what you guys think and if you had any recomendations/warnings on what to look for or avoid. thanks for any advice.
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HTR did a great writeup on NV here a few months ago...

my take, is unless you are going to spend the money on Gen3 I would just get a good scope and some light

for my 6.8 I am using a Trijicon Accupoint 3-9x40 with teh amber Chevron, will allow me to shoot well past legal hunting time...
which is 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise

for hog hunting at night I am using 3 red led lights which easily illuminates out to 75 yards when used over a feeder

I have en route a set of red and green high powered LEDs for a weapon mount setup for being mobile
supposed to reach out to 200 + yards

will post a review
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