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Spent most of 07 and the first half of 08 stocking up and learning the 5.56 world. Now I am wanting to off load my first 5.56 upper to swap out for a 6.8 upper build to torment an equally nutty, paranoid 5.56 friend. He is building a Fulton .308 so I will add diversity to the tail gate shooting gallery with my year and a half yearning for a 6.8.

Any help that can be lent will be useful in building my own 6.8 18" dream upper and vexing a very good friend in our personal arms race.
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Thanks for the advice. I am long on 5.56/.223 devices. I have my business rifle that I built out of a BCM, G&R, et al parts. I have my "collector" Noveske business gun that can never be sold as it is the envy of several's eye. The upper up for possible trade is a RRA 16" vrmint which was purhcased to be my "accurized" rifle. Goal is to create the ultimat in accuracy. My goal is to of load that to at least pay for any of the forbidden fruit parts below.

18" Noveske barrel
SWS 14" rail
Young Shiny Carrier (tacticool reasoning only)
6.8 bolt
Noveske KX3 which I already have

Local guy in town will line up the barrel and headspace. I was hoping to get Rainier to build it for me, but they are out of all upper ingredients.
Thanks Art. The reason I want that SWS rail is that it only leaves about 4" of space between the end of the rail and the KX3. I want the kx3 for sound deflection down range, but the shorter 12" rails just leave too much nekked barrel and the look is not optimal for myself or my arms race buddy. The 14" rail by SWS is the ultimate method of displaying the beauty of a bead blasted 18" stainless while acheiving what is nec. in my mind with the KX3.

The SAM-R offered by AR15performance is right up the alley I am driving, but he states on his web site that he does not allow parts to be sent to him for a build. He can upgrade to the MUR upper if they ever hit the market again, and he does have the Pac-Nor barrel. Guess I could call and ask him if the MUR's ever become available, would he build me a SAM-R without a rail. At that point, I could also get the beefier bolt you are discussing.
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I know the KX3 is designed for SBR's, but the concussion projection down range is what I am after. The weight and length do not bother me as this is going to be a bench and hunting rifle. Most of the hunting will be feral hogs out of a Chevy so portability over long treks is not a concern.

I have my quick deploy and light weight bases covered in the 5.56 world. Most do not like the KX3 for your mentioned reasons and the look achieved when mounted on the front of a non SBR. The longer rail will fix that in my mind, and if not, Smith Vortex will fix it all together.
My main fear with custom builds is that they are highly illiquid if you ever need to sell them. A Noveske Pac Nor barrel would be the cornerstone of getting my price up upon sale.

Even AR15performance uses Pac Nor, the only person that might buy what I build without the Noveske marked barrel would be someone that knows exactly what the sum of the parts means. I've seen some nice rigs sit around for sale for a while until the educated nuts start bidding them up.

The Rainier uses LRB uppers from what I understand. I would think any rigidity concerns would be answered with one of their uppers based on their reputation in the bigger calibers. After looking at Gunbroker today, I need to change my MUR wish list to something else. I think AR15 performance uses DPMS uppers. So does Fulton for their .308 builds though. If rigidity is a concern of mine, that should answer my question.

What I need to find is a builder taht can get that 18" Noveske in case I need to off load later. AR15performance sure does look sexy though.
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