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Newby from NE

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Hello all!

I'm what I prefer to call late middle aged (ok maybe old is more approp). I live in NE and am a full time photographer and part time hunter. Right now one pays about as well as the other but that's another story for another day.

Upland birds (pheasant), coyotes and occasionally deer are what I hunt, plus just general shooting when I can afford ammo. I don't reload at this time but at some point when I get a little more time I'd like to get into that.

At this time my ARs are all 5.56 but I've been researching alternate calibers for a long time.

The first I checked into was the 6.5G and then I looked at the WSSM models from Olympic arms and some made by Mike M at DTech. My problem with the WSSM was barrel length, they work best over 20 inches…more like 22, which wasn't what I was looking for. I was impressed by the specs of the 6.5G but not impressed by what seemed to be the overall lack of support for the cartridge and the cost of uppers. And of course early on the 6.8 was having issues as well, so I decided to stay with 5.56 for awhile. (no beta testing for this old fart)

Fast forward to a couple of months ago and I start the search again. Immediately notice the advances made in the 6.8. Then I found this forum and was extremely impressed by what was posted here and by the overall conduct of the board.

Not throwing stones at any other forums but I'm a member at AR15 and there is tons of info there if you want to sift through the BS to find it. As for the 6.5G forum the tone there is completely different than here as is the info presented. There's a lot more discussion on long range shooting ect and there is an undertone of superiority that really bothers me, but maybe I'm just reading more into the posts than I should.

So today I decided even though I don't have a 6.8 I'm gonna register over here, ask questions and learn………at least until I find a little cash to buy an upper.
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Welcome to the Madhouse!
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