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Welcome Trident71

I have a ton of family all over your area. Kemah, League City, Alvin, Clear Lake, Friendswood. Man has everything grown down there. You use to be able to hit some of the back road and hunt, screw around, what have you. Now every where there are houses and strip malls. Glad you found the site. Jump right in and make yourself at home

On your choices you are doing very well. If you didn't specify give SSA a call and tell them you want the Combat loads. Since you have the Kt might as well shoot full power loads. The 1-4 Millett is a great value I have the same scope. For the cost you get a lot of scope. You also picked the top of the line scope mount as well. If you do not already you may want to look into relaoding as there are a lot of very good combos you can load.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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