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New upper finally fired

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Well I finally got a chance to fire my new upper. It still doesn't have sights on it, they are coming, along with a different scope mount but, I got out and put six rounds through it.
I fired excellently, it has very little recoil, had no extraction or feeding problems and the bolt hold open occurred as it should.
I am just very happy.
I purchased a Cardinal 18" barrel, gas tube and low profile gas block from a member, a YHM free float spectre length, adaptable tube and YHM flash hider. I purchased some C line mags from Palmetto Armory and assembled them with an inexpensive upper.
I examined the cases and don't see any signs of pressure.
I can't wait to get the sights and scope installed and get to the range.
KW "Delta" Dix
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I used some Barrett 115 Gr HP and SSA 110Gr SP Pro. They fed and fired without any signs of pressure or extractor problems. Can't wait to get the sights and scope installed, haven't gotten the shipment with those pieces yet, should be in tomorrow. Delta
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