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This is my second AR. My first was a pre-ban Bushmaster .223 Rem, so I seen a episode on Futureweapons with the Barret in a 6.8 SPC and seen the difference in knock down power compared to the .223 Rem and decided to start researching more. I planned on buying a mini-14 or mini-30 but seen a AR in 6.8 SPC with a Danials Defense free floating 4 rail handguard there at the CMMG tables at a local gun and knife show here in Kansas City and opted on this rifle. Looks like this forum has a lot of knowledge posted and I hope I to can help some one in the future too. Just waiting on the SSA brass that I ordered last month to come in from Midway USA. Thanks Guys.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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