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New to reloading need help with setup

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Hey guys,
I'm getting ready to start reloading for the first time and wanted to get some insight of what ill be needing. First off ill be using a single stage RCBS reloader from a friend but i need to now what ill be needing to purchase on-top of that. I know ill need dies of course, but what is considered to be the best on the market right now. Ive also been reading some threads on the shell holder, sounds like people are using 40S&W. Is this correct? Im running a 16" WOA 1-11 barrel and using PRI mags. What can my case length be? What Shell trays are you guys using as i cant find one with 6.8, listed i would assume if it takes 35 remington is will work. I guess what im asking is what will i need and what works the best.

Thanks in advance.
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The Hornady and RCBS dies work great. Also check out the LEE FCD Crimp die and the Hornady Heandspace Gauge Kit. With the PRI mags, you can go up to 2.3", but I usually stay at 2.280-2.290".
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