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Hey my name is Tek and I'm from a small town in South Central Texas. I've been a hunter since I was young. After being in the Marines the M16/M4 has grew on me.

I have a Bushmaster 16 Inch M4 in 6.8 Rem SPC with a 1/10 twist. I upgraded from the 5.56 upper because I was looking for a little more punch since I enjoy hog hunting. I put on a 3rd Gen NV setup and I like to spot and stalk hogs.

So far I enjoy the 6.8, but I wish the ammo was easier to find in stores...

I'll post some pictures of some kills I have with it, and I'll make it back to the states to catch the last couple of days of deer season. I hope I bag a decent one, and if I do I'll post the pictures...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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