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New to 6.8s, starting a build

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This is probably similar to most of the other noob threads, but figured I'd throw it up anyways. I'm an infantryman in the Army so I'm not new to the platform, but I am new to the 6.8. I've heard nothing but great things about the 6.8 AR, therefore I'm starting a build. I've got a stripped POF multi lower that I'm planning on stuffing these parts in:

DPMS lower reciever parts kit
Buffer Technologies hydraulic buffer
DPMS 5 pos. milspec buffer tube
Falcon ERGO Sure Grip
MagPul MOE mil spec stock
DPMS mag release w/ Arredondo oversized button

I'm not sure about the hydraulic buffer assembly, but figure I'll try it out. I'd also like to try a Timney comp trigger, but again haven't heard anything about 'em. So if you have any suggestions on those two items, please let me know!

I haven't fully decided on the upper. I want a piston SBR (10.5''). I've had my eye on the LWRC, but the price tag is a little steep. Going to save and get it unless you guys can offer another suggestion! I've read so far on here, that I want to look for an upper chambered in the SPC II and with a 1:11 or 1:12 barrel twist. Can I even get those twists in an SBR?

I'll be using the weapon as a home defense and recreational shooter (some target shooting, some shoot house type work).

Any suggestions you can offer would be a great help! Thanks guys.
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Good point on the trigger! And I'll definitely look into that Noveske upper. Thanks
Ok. What's the reasoning for NOT using the hydraulic buffer?

On a sidenote, I can't figure out the damn signature settings on this site. Can someone help me post up my sig:


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Rgr. Would NOT want a short stroke on a home invasion...

Where can I get the Tubbs buffer assembly?
Tunable in what way?

Just placed my order from Midway for the following:

DPMS 5 pos. milspec buffer tube
Falcon ERGO Sure Grip (flat earth)
MagPul MOE mil spec stock (flat earth)
DPMS mag release w/ Arredondo oversized button (sand color)
DPMS lower reciever parts kit
Tubbs buffer spring
DPMS carbine buffer
Conder MOLLE soft case (coyote brown)

I'm talking to a private seller offering an insane deal on an LWRC 10.5'' piston upper (which, BTW, only offers a 1:10 twist) with 2 mags and an extra stock buffer spring. Hopefully, I'll land the buy. Wish me luck! I'm SUPER excited to get this thing built.
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What ammo would you reccommend for the 10.5'' LWRC?
Stellar. What about for range/target shooting? Hornady?

What mags do you reccommend? I've read all too much about various mags not feeding properly...
So, I landed the sale of the 6.8 SPC II, 10.5'' LWRCi upper. Only 40 rounds through it. Comes with Troy battle sights. Got it on the cheap too!

Lower and upper will be coated coyote brown. I'll be home on R&R in around a month, so I'll post pics of the completed rifle ;)
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