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Hi 6.8 forums, i haven't read one post yet but that will start shortly.

I just got my mini 6.8 custom from ASI this past couple weeks. Just trying to get through the break in now. Shot it first time today with factory rem 115 mc ammo, average velocity for 10 shots was 2585 fps (1706 ft/lbs). I will get pics up shortly. Group wise it sure didn't like that ammo, the test target that came with gun was .860 with hornady v-max ammo....i hope to load the v-max for it when i get some brass collected here as i can't find any hornady factory loads in Canada yet?

So off i go, to learn learn learn about the 6.8 and loading for it etc. :D

My mini is 21" .750 diam barrel fyi.

edit, wow, little reading and so far i called asi to see what chamber i got....saami and a 1 in 10 twist barrel. Is this good or bad?

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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