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J.Boyette said:
The only issue I see with any 3,000 fps load of any caliber is, its a barrel burner.

Thats my only issue.

Yes I know barrels are the most expendable part of a rifle, but I like to keep things under 2,950 for my own personal firearms.

Its just my little quirk I have I guess.


Do you shoot 5.56 military ball or even the watered down civilian version? If so, you're shooting ammo that shoots over 3000fps (M193 spec is 3200 fps +/- 50 fps, M855 is 3050 fps +/- 50 fps. I haven't heard any complaints about short barrel life in even a non-chromed 5.56 barrel, let alone a chromed one. Even the commercial 223 loads normally are faster than 3000fps.

What are you basing your opinion on to use such a hard and fast rule? :)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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