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I have already contributed my 2 cents to the forum for a few weeks now, but I guess I'm still new.

I became interested in 6.8 in a round-about way. I was doing some very minor repairs to my neighbor's mini-14. I thought it it was an interesting rifle and I had nothing like it so I went shopping. A guy at one of the local gun shops talked me into getting the 6.8 spc version of the mini-14 because of the versatility of the round. At the same time I bought some dies for reloading that caliber. In spit of al the negative stuff I read about the accuracy of the mini-14 I was shooting inch and a half or better groups with some of my reloads. a lot of people told me that an ar-15 would be more accurate. I guess I had to see if it was true so I decided to get a black gun. I bought a Bushmaster ar-15 in 6.8 from the same shop.

I also upgraded the barrel from a stock 16 inch to a Ko-tonics 18 inch. Tim was very helpful and patient with all of my questions and concerns. Tomorrow I am going shooting again to see how the new barrel performs if the snow drifts have melted down enough at the gun range I go to.
Next fall I plan on taking my 6.8 rifles hunting for mule deer.
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