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Hi everyone. I'm new to the 4M and just wanted to say hi. I live in Illinois, probably the second most ungunfriendly state behind Kalifornia. I am a former suburban police officer and am unemployed at the current time. I just bought a 6.8 from Rock River Arms and can't wait to go shooting with it. I don't have any ammo yet as I am waiting to sell my 5.56 to get some money. I just bought 10, 25-round mags from Cardinal Armory as I'm sure the prices are going to go up as soon as Obama is elected. Just glad that us fine folks in NORTH EAST IL. could impart a little of our communist philosophy to the rest of the country. I say North East because the rest of the state seems to exhibit waayyy too much common sense to have put a bone head like that on the national scene.

Well I look forward to the advice and stories on the 4M and cant wait to contribute something. Oh yeah, don't tell my wife I bought the new gun!!

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Tell your wife?.... I never tell my wife :mrgreen:
I tell her, "That old thing? I've had that for years". Which is usually true because it's been in the safe that long before she see it.
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