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New member w/ mini 14 in 6.8

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I just registered to join your site. Am feeling my way around.
I have a Mini 14 in 6.8 and am not thrilled with its accuracy. I see this as a project. I like the cartridge though, and if I can improve on what Ruger has delivered I will be a happy shooter. I am in CA where ARs and large capacity magazines are forbidden as evil. (That term, evil, applies better to most of the folks who run government in this state.)

I have some questions on reloading for this rifle which probably belong in a catagory other than "New Member Intro".

Ken W.
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Check out the Perfect Union BBS. Lots of good info on Mini 14s there.


If you want to have your Mini 14 done right, get ahold of Gun Doc. He'll make it sing really pretty music. I have 2 6.8 minis he's worked on. One level A and one level C. They shoot better than any minis I've ever seen.


I got the level A on a used 6.8 rifle I picked up. Shot so well I decided to get another and have the level C package done.

I'm going to sell off the level A since the C package shoots so well and looks even better the way I had it set up.

Life's too short to shoot a ugly gun.

Good luck.
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Welcome aboard
I haven't seen a 6.8 Mini yet in North Texas. They must all be in CA! Welcome to the group.

There is a huge reloading section here. Enjoy. There are recipes, and plenty of reloaders to run ideas by. You may have the answer someone here has been looking for also, so jump in.
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