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berettamod96 said:
Hey Guys,

Hello from the Pacific North West. I'm acquiring a Stag Upper in 6.8 soon, and cant wait to join the ranks of the 6.8 SPC users. I have been building ARs and other firearms for quite some time and really wanted to take on a new variation.

Perhaps this is the wrong place for the question but I have some concerns about the lighter .277 bullets that dont have cannelures and the possibility for bullet set back during firing. I have noticed that some of you install the cannelure and I have to acknowledge that this is an interesting approach to this issue.

Any input on this issue would be greatly appreciated but I suspect that its a situation where it may have been discussed before and I have not found the appropriate threads yet.

Welcome aboard. I recommend using the Lee FCD Crimp Die to crimp the bullets with or without cannelures.
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