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AR15Performance may be the best bet for your game if you want the most accuracy.

White Oak Armament (WOA) makes some solid 6.8 barrels. Denny's GTS, JTAC Supply, and White Oak Armament direct offer them. They're SS midweight recon style. Their chambers may or may not be tight, but AR15Performance can DMR the chamber for you if needed.

If you really have to have the M4gery look non-chrome lined then DPMS makes 1:11 16 inch M4 barrels now also. There are both 1:10's and 1:11's in the market so specify when you buy. RGuns.net has has complete DPMS M4 uppers less carry handle for $510, $599 w/ carry handle. I've seen the same prices at DFW area gun shows. DPMS chambers have been tight in the past so AR15Performance has fixed their chambers too.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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