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New Member checking in.

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Hello 6.8 gurus! I'm coming over from ARFcom as I'm sure alot of you have in search of more answers regarding the 6.8. I have been in limbo between the 6.8 and 6.5 but the more research I have put into the 6.8 it seems the way to go. Though, I did just read last night that the 6.8 is really designed for barrel lengths between 14.5 and 16 which poses a problem as I want my 6.8 to be a 18" SPR. I want the SPC II chamber in I believe 1/10 twist. I'm sure the 2 inches doesn't make a difference in over all performance (no puns intended) but that's what I want to build for my next project. Let me know what you all think!


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Welcome to the site.
You can build the 6.8 to any length you want, you will still gain performance, not a ton, but it isnt like the bullet starts slowing down with barrels over 16 inches in length.
I have an 18 inch upper that I really like and I have a 16 that I like as well, different uppers for different tasks.
You want the SPCII with a 1-11 or 1-12 twist barrel the 1-10 doesnt give you any thing and increases your overall pressure.

Feel free to ask away.
Welcome to the group! Marines1012 hit it on the head. You gotta watch the internet info sometimes. Yes the 6.8 was designed as a combat cartridge that would be efficient in shorter barrels, but going to 18-20 inch barrels is common in the 6.8. The 16 inchers are probably the overwhelming favorites for a balance of performance and portability, but Stag just released their Model 7 6.8 that is a 20 inch rifle geared for hunting, hence the name "Hunter".

Denny's GTS (above), White Oak Armament, are great barrel choices for an 18 inch build.

SAAMI and 1:10 spec'd barrels are on the way out. They handle all commercial ammo and even the SSA combat loads but at higher pressures. Most 6.8 manufacturers are moving to a SPC II or DMR chamber and 1:11 to 1:13 twist which is in line with the original creators of the 6.8. These combinations operate at lower pressures which allows you to increase performance in future loads.

Read the 6.8 barrel testing report tacked at the top of this forum for a great explanation of the various barrel specs available.
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