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New here - what barrel to use?

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It's my first post and I'm planning my first AR. I'm interested in the 6.8 because I can probably only build one AR and I want it to cover as many bases as possible : varminting, paper punching, deer & boar hunting. Home defense is actually secondary, I have a shotgun for that.

Now I've read through all the great test reports and it seems like a DMR or SPCII chamber would be best. I would also like a 18-20" barrel or longer, 1:11 or 1:12 twist. The test includes an 18" and 20" DMR barrel and also one from Superior. But now it looks like no one is even making such barrels!

I checked over at ar15performance and they aren't making custom barrels any more. The Xtreme is the only model and it's 16" (I know it's supposed be all that, but what if I just want a longer barrel?) Superior also doesn't make the longer barrels any more.

Where to get a 18-20" 1:11 or 1:12 DMR or SPCII barrel? Is XTreme the ONLY choice these days?
It's what I may end up with, but right now I have cold feet and don't want to end up with a rifle that's in too much of a niche.

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Our Bison Armory barrels are stainless, just like WOA, and we're looking into Diamondkote as soon as we get our first shipment for those who want a finished barrel surface.

We should have 20" barrels, 4-groove 1:11 twist in 2-3 weeks. We'll know more on Monday about when our barrels will be ready.
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