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new guy in TN

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I got a ruger 6.8 spc a few days ago and found this site as I began searching for info. You've done a great job in providing
information on this site.

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wlhawk welcome to the board. Glad you found it. There are a few other members that have 6.8 Minis. It is a great caliber for that gun and the i cap mags for the mini 30 work as I understand it. check the threads on it to be sure. Again glad your here make yourself at home
Welcome Larry.
Welcome, Any good ranges up in your neck of the woods. I live about 3hrs away from you. Your right this sight has alot of info.
Haven't found much in sw tn. This weekend I'll be cheching a range in nw MS, near Hernando. This one is about $160 for initiation and first years dues. The other range in sw TN is around $400 the first year for dues and initiation fees. There are several indoor ranges- pistol only at about $12-15 a day. I sure miss the good ole days when I could go in the back yard and shoot as much as I wanted.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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