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New guy from Philippines

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Hello! I was so happy to find a forum specific to 6.8..... Where I'm from, it is tough to get one. I recently purchase a DDV7 6.8 SPC II with 18" barrel. Quite happy with it but need to try out in the range when I find time.

hoping to learn more about this as I'm looking for more ammo that I can get which seems quite uncommon here.
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welcome aboard!
Welcome! Lots of knowledge, and good folks here.
Thanks both for the welcome.... Struggling with the info as it seems my new rifle is not latest and the ammo we have here may not be either. Learning and searching.... Thanks heaps.
Welcome to you... your SPCII chamber in your DD rifle should be just fine for handling anything offered over the shelf. (Now, I'm hungry for Lumpia)
welcome Welcome to The Forum... Now we have somebody to send us some San Miguel! LOL
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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