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New from Kansas

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Hello from rural SE Kansas. I've visited this site many times but never joined, decided to do that today. Got a custom-built 6.8 SPC II AR built on Stag upper and lower early last year. First shot I took at a buck with it this past season was at 140 yards and dropped him in his tracks (SSA 110 gr SP). Very happy with the gun and this cartridge, and plan to start reloading for it soon. Looking forward to spending some time here - looks like it's THE place to be online for all things 6.8 SPC.
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Welcome from NC!
Welcome from sunny South Florida 73 degrees
outside now.
Thanks for the welcome!
Welcome aboard from the gray(no-underline)fox...!!!

welcome to the forums, i'm not to far from you. i live in SW Mo.,, again, welcome.
Welcome. Indeed you are in the right place for all things 6.8. Enjoy.
Welcome aboard from the gray(no-underline)fox...!!!
Grayfox, I see you are in Northern Virginia. I grew up (insomuch as I can say that I'm 'grown-up'...) in that area, in fact, my parents still live there. Too close to Washington, DC for my tastes, but I have fond memories of my childhood there.
Welcome from East Central Kansas .
You must be right in my neighborhood! I live in Franklin county.

Welcome from knoxville.
Born and raised in central kansas.
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