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Ron169 has you on the right track. Keep in mind the following as the combos to look for:

SAAMI chamber and 1:9.5 and 1:10 - outdated and being replaced across the board by the major AR manufacturers offering 6.8.

SAAMI chamber and 1:11 - Adequate, but WOA is now making SPC II chambers. The twist is good. You can ream a SAAMI chamber to the newer SPC II.

SPC II chamber and 1:10 - Adequate but maxed with SSA combat loads. The SPC II chamber goes a long way to reduce initial pressures.

SPC II chamber and 1:11 or 1:12 - Very good, many manufacturers are moving towards this combination. It lowers pressure and allows higher performance ammo to be used.

DMR chamber and 1:11, 1:12 or 13 - You'll see these combos from AR15Performance and Titan Armory. These are cutting edge performance combinations.

The Xtreme upper for $599 has the potential to be the best performance available at an amazing price. White Oak Armament, Denny's GTS, Noveske have great specs also. CMMG and RRA are going to update their 6.8 offerings also. Stay tuned.
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