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New 6.8 guy needs help.

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I need help finding the right rifle. I'm currently deployed to Iraq with my National Guard unit, but back in the States I'm a cop. I'm looking to replace my Bushmaster 5.56 with a new 6.8 for when I get home. My department allows officers to bring there own AR's to work. I've seen the 5.56 do very little damage to the human body both here in Iraq and at home. Not even enough to knock the fight out of them.
My spending limit is $1500. The rifle needs to be completely reliable, accurate (would like at least 1MOA or better), have a 4 to 6 position stock, and be a flat top to accept ACOG 4x32 scope. Any advice to what brands to go with....brands to stay away from.....exact models to go with....even ammo. All advice is welcomed.
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Welcome, I think you'll find that many others will be adding their insites, but a good place to get started is checking out Paulo's chart.

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