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This new 6.8mm SPC complete upper w/ magazine is ready to install on your standard AR-15 lower. $1,000 shipped USPS Priority. Price is firm and is less than I have in it. No trades.

I built 2 of these SDM-R type uppers and have decided to keep just 1. I have mine installed on a stag 6.8 marked lower with a standard A2 butt-stock and an ACOG (TA31F) - like it very much and plan to hunt with it next fall.

This compete upper for sale has 11 flawless test rounds through it, barrel cleaned w/ bore-tech before and after.

Barrel was custom made by White Oak Armament. This match grade barrel is 20", stainless steel, muzzle threaded 5/8 x 24, 1"11 twist, .750 at the gas block. It has 12 large flutes under the handguards and has been blasted and finished in moly-resin flat black. Also added the YHM Phantom flash suppressor.

As with the Army's SDM, the front sight base is standard, with the exception that it uses 4 set screws (vs. taper pins), making it windage adjustable.

As with the Army's SDM, used the Daniel Defense m4 12.0 quadrail, replacing the aluminum barrel nut with a Daniel Defense high-strength steel barrel nut. Package includes 3 Magpul rail covers.

The mil-spec upper receiver, bolt/bolt-carrier and charging handle are all CMT/Stag Arms.

The new 6.8mm SPC PRI magazine is included.

I'll give the buyer a 7 day money-back guarantee on the whole package.

Check, Mastercard, Visa, American Express accepted.

[email protected]

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